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 I offer three main treatments: Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage. I can also incorporate an Indian Head Massage into your session.

For all new patients there will be a brief consultation before we move onto the massage.  We will discuss the injury or issues and agree on a treatment plan which will included massage, but may also included recommendations on further treatments and rehabilitation exercises.

A typical treatment programme would include: injury assessment, massage, remedial exercise and advice to enhance recovery, prevent injury and improve posture and function.

All prices and details on availability can be found on the Prices page of the site.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports massage or soft tissue therapy involves manipulation of the muscles and joints for injury prevention and to prepare the body for athletic activities, as well as keeping the body in optimal condition for sport and exercise. Massage can be used in all the conditioning and training phases of sport: pre, inter, and post-competition.

Sports massage is not only for sports people, anyone can benefit from this type of therapy including people in physically demanding jobs, those with musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction caused by any of life’s stresses and strains. 

There are many possible benefits from sports massage including: Relieving muscle pain, spasm and correcting muscle imbalance; improving range of movement and flexibility; breaking down scar tissue and adhesions; improving muscle tone; improving posture and increasing posture awareness; tension and stress relief

Deep Tissue Massage


Alongside my specialist services I also offer a deep tissue or general massage to help ease out the stresses and strains of modern life.

Let me ease away the aches and pains of sitting at a desk all day, or carrying round kids and bags of shopping, or soothe away anxiety and stress and get you back to your best self. 

Pregnancy Massage


Pregnancy massage can help to prepare you both physically and emotionally for pregnancy and birth. This relaxing full-body massage is designed to ease pregnancy related aches and pains and soothe tired muscles. Lower back pain is relieved, joints feel less tender and strain is taken out of the neck and shoulder muscles.

Pregnancy massage uses techniques which are effective to help ease fatigue during pregnancy due to the changes to the bodies metabolism, hormonal changes, excess weight, and increase in blood volume slowing down circulation.

Some of the benefits of pre-natal pregnancy massage can include: reduced anxiety and relief of tension; increased tone of the muscles that have become weakened and strained during pregnancy; improved elasticity of the skin; stabilised hormonal levels through increased stimulation of glandular secretions, reducing headaches, tension and fatigue; and much more.

Indian Head Massage

Head Massage

Indian head massage combines both ancient techniques from India, alongside Swedish massage techniques. The treatment normally uses oil and involves massage and gentle stretching techniques to the head, upper back, shoulders and arms and finishes with a relaxing face massage

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