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Corona Virus (COVID-19) Update


Hi everyone,

I am now back up and running!!! However, please read through what I am doing in order to stop the spread!

Client actions to reduce risk of transmission

  • The Client must wear a face mask for supine/face up treatment, though if too uncomfortable in the prone/ face down position then they may remove it.

  • Treatments should be paid for by card or bank transfer. Cash payments are currently not accepted

  • Clients in the ‘At Risk’ group should seek guidance and consent from a General Practitioner prior to treatment

  • If the client has previously had COVID -19 and has now recovered, treatment may proceed unless the client was hospitalised or is still taking medication following the illness. In either of these cases the client should also seek approval from their GP before the treatment can take place.

Mobile Treatments

  • The Client shall ensure that all internal doors are closed to prevent other household members from meeting the therapist.

  • The Client shall open/close all doors for the therapist.

Clinic Treatments

  • Clients shall arrive at the time of their appointment to avoid people in waiting areas.

  • When the client arrives, they should either ring the doorbell, call or message the therapist to let them know of their arrival.

  • Clients shall wash their hands in the toilet area upon entry to the clinic.

What I will be doing to reduce risk of transmission

  • Completed COVID-19 training and adhering to Government Guidance. Certificates can be found here

  • Pre appointment screening questionnaire

  • For new clients, consultations forms shall be electronically sent ahead of the appointment to minimise the time spent in the room with Clients where possible.

  • Screening questionnaire to be reconfirmed with client at the appointment

  • Couch covers (if used) shall be changed and washed between each Client and couch wiped down using an anti-bacterial product before and after each Client.

  • The Therapist will wear a face visor during hands on treatment in accordance with the Government Guidelines. They shall be worn from when the Therapist meets the Client until they have either left the Client’s premises and cleaned/sanitised hands and equipment etc. or until the clinic room has been cleaned.

  • The Therapist may also wear a face mask.

  • During treatment talking will be kept to a minimum when not required in order to reduce spital.

  • No treatments are to be performed on the head or face.

Additional Controls for Mobile Massage

  • Prior to entering the Clients premises the therapist shall confirm with the client that they and any members of their household have no signs of COVID-19.

  • The bare minimum of equipment shall be brought into the client’s house.

  • Therapist and client face coverings shall be worn prior to entry.

Additional Changes for Clinic

  • No couch covers will be used, instead only couch roll or towels provided by the therapist shall be used.

  • HEPA filters in use in large rooms.

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